Mobile Capture – The Ultimate Customer Touch Point

Mobile capture enables organisations to vastly improve customer interactions and back office functions by capturing data at the source in real-time through virtually any camera enabled smartphone or tablet.

The mobile capture platform allows mobile applications to be created for virtually any capture project, extract and process data accurately, validate the content and communicate with the necessary line of business systems.

The process can be further enhanced with Virtual Re-scan Technology (VRS) which is even able to tease out information from images that are often hard to read with the naked eye.

Based on an open platform with advanced imaging technology, the mobile capture app can control and automate virtually every aspect of the customer’s device such as the flash & lighting level, exposure time and aperture settings to ensure the user receives the best possible experience.

The Kofax Mobile Capture product suite also provides a powerful SDK to create feature rich and highly customisable applications..

The Key Benefits of Mobile Capture

Why Choose Computron?


Why? We have one of the best trained solution development and implementation teams in Australia and Asia.

We have attained Kofax Diamond Partner status and not without good reason. We pay attention to detail, work as a dedicated team, and deliver what we promise.

Our professional services team in Australia alone, has a staggering 40+ years experience in managing and providing business process solutions, so you can be assured you are in safe hands.

Engage Customers in Real Time From Any Device

We can empower customers to interact with your business in real time using virtually any mobile phone, tablet or smart device.  Multiple points of contact means that your end users are kept closer to your business as well as your business processes.


Solve Issues at Any Step in the Process

Leverage a single platform to control image processing, data classification and extraction, validation, business rules, exception handling and more.

Promote "Easy" Self-Service

We can help you to empower your customers with the ability to interact more intuitively with your businesses systems.

By adding powerful data extraction and interactive validation into your mobile applications for information capture, you can make the customer experience easy and accurate.


Eliminate Most Manual Entry Processes

Mobile capture can greatly simplify and improve the speed of transactions by automating the extraction and entry of data contained within customers documents.

This reduces the need for costly and time consuming manual review and validation and processing of data. As a result the entire experience becomes more efficient for your business and the customer.


Increase Market Share With New Processes

Leverage the proven and open platform to build and deploy customer engagement solutions such as bill pay, remote deposit, customer onboarding, mortgage origination and new account openings—all from the same system

Gain Full Visibility & Actionable Insights

Advanced mobile analytics provides organisations with actionable insights into accuracy and performance of their users, devices and documents.

With that information, usability and improvements can be implemented to optimise the customer experience and through right-channeling provide customers with a satisfying service experience through the most cost-appropriate medium.

Reduce Time to Market With Innovation

Build and deploy customer engagement solutions such as bill pay, remote deposit, customer on-boarding, mortgage origination and new account openings—all from the same platform. Companies can even re-purpose these applications into their own intellectual property (e.g., account transfer, balance transfer). This reduces time to market, improves process performance and captures better data.


Superior Customer Interaction

Improve customer service and experience by engaging customers directly on their own devices, while integrating them into directly into your business process.

Mobile capture offers huge opportunities for innovative first-to-market solutions that will drive new business and increase customer retention.

Highest Data Accuracy

The Kofax Mobile Platform optimises the images being captured from the mobile device, classifies the document to ensure the document submitted matches the document requested.

Systems then automate the extraction and validation of data contained within the document and ensure compliance with business and process rules.

Reduce Operating Costs

The Kofax capture process provides a streamlined self-service channel for customers to submit documents and/or data directly into line of business processes.

Manual interventions are reduced and validation automated, ultimately saving time and minimising errors. Significant cost reductions are expected to follow as a result.