Digital Mailroom Automation Solutions

At Computron we are in the business of helping our customers purpose every piece of information that enters their organisation. Although many of these will traditionally start in the mailroom, we are able to capture information from virtually any source, whether it is paper or electronic, convert into data where needed, and feed it into business systems quickly, accurately and efficiently.

We are able to help you adapt to change with ease

By leveraging our experience of the Kofax suite of applications with our knowledge of business processes we will help to keep your business at the top of its game.

digital mailroom automation

The cost savings from properly managing the processing of paper in the mailroom can be quite dramatic and the ROI for automation projects can often be counted in months rather than years.

Managing Paper Documents

Paper documents and forms can be captured using production scanners to address high volume, batch processing needs.

The capture process for physical documents offers a multitude of features such as :

  • Despeckle & Deskew
  • Hole Punch Removal
  • Full Image Enhancement Using Re-scan Technology
  • OCR on Single Pages or Whole Documents
  • ICR Support for Handwritten Forms
  • Conversion to PDF for Storage and Archiving
  • Intelligent Classification Based on Document Type
  • Dynamic Workflow and Case Management Tools
  • Multiple Workstation Support
  • Real-time Management  Dashboard
  • Exception tools & Reporting
  • Integration with Fuzzy-Lookup & Keyword Databases

Multi-function peripherals (MFPs) and desktop scanners can be used at distributed locations and the cameras in mobile devices can be used at the point of origination to capture information wherever customer facing interactions happen.

Managing Electronic Documents

Electronic content can be intelligently and automatically captured from PDF’s, faxes, emails and attachments, web portals, text messages as well as EDI or XML data streams; and even social media & Collaboration websites.

Additional processes then classify, separate, extract, perfect, validate and deliver relevant information into your line of business applications or pass documents & data over to exception stations or initiate workflow and case management processes as needed.

Kofax systems have been integrated into around 10,000 business applications including a huge array of legacy systems and on-line storage systems.

Challenges and Evolution

Customer expectations are rising dramatically.

People require more self-service options that are intuitive, easy-to-use, and accessible from any device. They want instant responses and expect to engage with your organisation effortlessly.

When your customers are only a swipe of a finger or a mouse click away from the competition then latency, inefficiency and inability to adapt, become your biggest enemies when it comes to winning new customers and retaining existing ones.

By increasing the number of touch-points you provide for the customer to interact directly with your business and in-house systems, the smoother and simpler their experience will be.

Computron have expertise in integrating mobile capture systems, e-mail, webforms, fax and more.

Mobile Capture Solutions

Interesting Statistics - How PDF's Are Managed

Interesting Statistics on PDF’s & Electronic Documents

  • 34% Of electronic documents are printed and processed as paper
  • 8%  Are printed multiple times and photocopied
  • 12% Are printed and scanned back into the system
  • 7% Are processed on screen but a printed copy archived
  • 7% Only, are passed directly to capture systems

Source : AIIM Industry Watch

Computron have wide ranging experience in improving many areas of mailroom automation including :

  • Decreasing the classification time of documents and increasing the response time to customers
  • Creating workflow with the ability to handle and distribute unidentified mail and quickly manage exceptions.
  • Automatically capturing information from known document types using OCR and ICR technology and automating classification
  • Increasing the quality of captured images by automatically applying functions such as contrast enhancement, de-speckle, de-skew, hole punch mark removal etc.
  • Accelerating the paper processing and decision cycles by integrating directly into ERP, CRM or other line of business applications
  • Reducing the file sizes of captured images and converting mail into multi-page PDF files for digital archiving and rapid retrieval at a later time.
  • Tracking of paper throughout the work cycle to avoid penalties associated with compliance mandates and maintaining adequate chain-of-custody records
  • Reducing invoice payment cycles and saving money by taking advantage prompt payment discounts
  • Reducing any fees and penalties that are associated with time sensitive mail items