To manage your organisation’s buying and payment activities and to maintain solid relationships with suppliers, trust Computron’s internationally proven Accounts Payable solution. Through the intuitive Accounts Payable interface, you can:

  • Log incoming invoices for tracking and payment authorisation
  • Pay invoices electronically
  • Record and settle employee expenses and advances
  • Track and analyze purchasing statistics
  • Perform cash management forecasting

Computron’s Accounts Payable module rests on a solid foundation of over 30 years of industry excellence in providing multi-national organizations with secure business software with customizable interfaces and powerful business management queries.


Computron’s Accounts Payable enables you to define relationships with suppliers based on each supplier’s unique requirements and attributes. A supplier record may:

  • Contain multiple remittance and delivery addresses
  • Be defined for a one-time supplier
  • Be categorized into supplier groups to facilitate identification and reporting
  • Reference unique payment terms, which may be overridden as needed
  • Utilise discount profiles
  • Set limits on the amount committed to a specific vendor within a period
  • Be flagged as delinquent to stop further payment
  • Be accessed quickly via user-defined soft keys

Since the Accounts Payable module stores detailed supplier history (purchases, discounts, payments, and delivery performance) for current and prior fiscal or calendar years, you can perform thorough reporting and analysis of all supplier activity.


From initial invoice receipt through payment authorization and final remittance to the supplier, Computron’s Accounts Payable module keeps you in control of this crucial business process. Incoming invoices, which can be categorized by a user-defined purchase type, are stored in an invoice register for real time recording of supplier liability and VAT amount before the invoice is authorised for payment or GL posting. Standard General Ledger distributions based on fixed amounts or percentages allow for rapid data entry. To assist with invoice payment, the Accounts Payable module allows you to define authorization limits per user and utilizes a three-way comparison procedure to match the invoice, purchase order, and delivery documentation prior to authorizing a payment.


With streamlined invoice management expediting payment to suppliers, your organization’s cash flow can operate fluidly and efficiently, leveraging supplier discounts and flexible payment methods. Computron’s Accounts Payable supports multiple payment methods, such as Electronic Funds Transfer (BACS, ACH) and partial and split payments, all of which can be scheduled to post automatically, maximizing your ability to claim discounts based on supplier payment terms. To facilitate management visibility into cash accounts, Accounts Payable offers sophisticated queries, online bank account balance reports, and automated bank statement reconciliation.


For over 30 years, Computron’s suite of products has helped multi-national corporations manage billions of dollars worth of business. The backbone of Computron’s software solution is a robust, customisable security module that enables you to restrict system access based on a virtually unlimited combination of user and system parameters.


With installations in more than 30 countries worldwide, Computron fully recognizes the diverse needs of international business. That is why Computron’s Enterprise Financials suite provides adroit currency and language handling for a seamless cross-company and cross-continent experience, including:

  • The ability to define an unlimited number of currencies and daily or periodic conversion rates
  • Automatic conversion rate adjustment to meet specific currency formats
  • Simultaneous posting in multiple currencies, at transaction level, using spot or daily rates
  • The ability to make payments in any user-defined currency regardless of the invoice currency
  • Adherence to European sales tax requirements, including national VAT calculations for EC purchases
  • The ability to execute queries and generate reports in any currency and date format, in order to satisfy reporting needs for foreign parent companies and regulatory bodies
  • On-screen, user-definable language and terminology configuration to support localisation.


For prompt and accurate reporting, Computron’s Accounts Payable integrates fully with other Computron applications as well as with applications outside of the Computron product suite. The Accounts Payable/Workflow module integration enables you to capture and manage accounting information from electronic and scanned invoices. You can view scanned invoices, shipping documents, purchase orders, check contracts, or memos online from within the application, and take advantage of automated invoice authorization.


Computron’s Accounts Payable module puts the end user in control of nearly every aspect of their experience with the system. From customisable screen designs, language, terminology, messaging, validation and queries, Accounts Payable enables users to work in a comfortable environment while driving effective business transactions.