About The First Mile™ of Automation

This is the Age of the Customer. Period.

Today’s customers are sophisticated, connected and empowered. They expect ease-of-use, intuitive self-service and fast responses.

They demand collaboration, a voice and visibility into the process and they want to interact on their terms, on their device… from any where, or any time they want.

Fail to offer that, and they’ll likely do business with another company…

They can do it with a simple click of their mouse or a swipe of their finger. Whether it’s opening a new account, applying for a loan, filing a claim or admitting a patient, the initial information-intensive interactions are where the battle for lifetime brand loyalty begins.

The Challenge of The First Mile

The biggest challenge is that most of the “First Mile” interactions are notoriously manual, complex and time-consuming business processes, that are prone to error.  Inefficient automation processes will greatly sour the customers experience.

Today the old adage “good enough” will simply not suffice. Organisations that make their First Mile smarter will enjoy a huge competitive advantage and thrive in the Age of the Customer. Incorporating Smart Process Solutions such as Mobile Capture Solutions can greatly enhance the customers interaction with your business.

At Computron we believe in simplifying and streamlining business critical interactions within multiple business processes, regardless of how, when and where they occur.

Information from virtually any source can be captured, extracted, perfected and instantly integrated at any point in a business process to make the First Mile of customer interaction the simplest part of your business process management project.


Why Choose Computron

Computron – The Australian Kofax Partner of Choice

We have one of the best trained solution development and implementation teams in Australia and Asia.

We have attained Kofax Diamond Partner status and not without good reason. We pay attention to detail, work as a dedicated team, and deliver what we promise.

Our professional services team in Australia alone, has a staggering 40+ years experience in managing and providing business process solutions, so you can be assured you are in safe hands.

The Key Elements of The First Mile

Simplify Business-Critical Interactions
Regardless of how, when and where they occur, information from virtually any source can be captured, extracted, perfected and instantly integrated at any point in a ‘business process’ to simplify the First Mile of customer interactions.

Multi-channel Capture & Mobile Devices
Paper documents are captured using production scanners for high-volume, batch processing needs. Electronic content is captured from emails and attachments, web portals, text messages and data streams. Multi-function peripherals, desktop scanners and faxes are used at distributed sites. And mobile devices capture information virtually anywhere. Once captured, the content automatically extracted and perfected.

computron kofax total agility

Business Process Management
Initiate and execute the downstream processes needed to collaborate with customers to resolve inconsistencies, then capture missing or trailing information, obtain approvals or send it to the appropriate system of record.

This includes the ability to automate unpredictable, loosely structured processes that are subject to change. Everyone is then more informed to make faster and better informed decisions.

Customer Communication and Information Integration

Information Integration
For The First Mile to be effective, it is necessary to fully automate the acquisition and integration of information, especially from websites and portals, into to an organisation’s business applications.

This needs to be done without manual coding. The software accelerates the process by accessing hard to reach data and files from disparate sources and thereafter connect the information to enterprise applications through APIs, that make that information easily accessible, regardless of where it resides.

Customer Communications Management
The ability to achieve true customer engagement is dependent upon specific and more importantly, relevant communication on the customers channel of choice. Business systems then need to  automatically generate, personalise and manage both digital and paper correspondence, such as bills, invoices and statements, in an ‘on-demand’, interactive and transaction-focused manner.

The result becomes a faster, better-targeted, inexpensive customer interaction.

The Unifed Platform for Smart Processes

The Unified Platform for Smart Process Applications

TotalAgility® is the world’s first unified process automation platform for developing and deploying smart process applications. Smart process applications support business activities that are people-intensive, highly variable, loosely structured and subject to frequent change. It combines capture, process management, data integration, analytics, electronic signature verification and built-in mobile capabilities for streamlined development and faster time to market.

You invest in a single, scalable solution to optimise and automate both predictable and unpredictable processes. It is centrally installed, deployed, administered and maintained for a lower total cost of ownership and faster return on investment, without the need to modify systems of record.

For capturing information in batch from a centralised mailroom or at the point a transaction occurs, TotalAgility eliminates the need to integrate disparate systems.

Kofax TotalAgility includes:

• Drag and drop, GUI-based, integrated application development environment

• Easy HTML5 interface for mobile apps that are fully integrated into smart process applications

• Advanced processing data analytics for effective decision making and business insight

• Service oriented architecture for easier installation, deployment, administration and maintenance

• On-premises or hosted SaaS subscription (as a multi-tenant or with a dedicated instance) for faster startup and lower initial costs –  A simple, value-based pricing model

Process Intelligence & Analytics

Process Intelligence & Analytics
By combining discovery and monitoring capabilities with rich business intelligence and data integration tools, the process intelligence and analytics software provides  operational business visibility in a single, unified solution.

You can quickly analyze and act upon information to ensure compliance, reduce risk and gain real-time insights that help achieve operational superiority.

Kofax Analytics Delivers Powerful Benefits:

  • Best practices dashboard library. Organisations get a unified view of their entire operation, while also delivering the ability to quickly drill into the details of individual tasks managed by their environment.
  • Information when it’s needed. By providing access to operational metrics and analyses in near real-time, organizations can use the most up-to-date information in their decision-making processes.
  • Operational investigation. Through a variety of interactions with dashboard components, users are able to quickly drill into, filter and otherwise investigate operational data to discover important operating conditions and diagnose root causes.
  • Rapidly customisable. The solution empowers non-technical users to create and share dashboards tailored to their unique operational requirements. This ensures that each user can always have access to the best analysis for their particular purpose.