Claims Processing Solutions

Computron can help with your capture & processing project by extensively streamlining the entire claims process. Our goal is to help you improve customer service quality, support compliance requirements and at the same time reduce the overall cost of claims management.

All this can be done with a single system that can provide multi-device capture, automated recognition, integration with legacy systems as well as providing powerful reporting, workflow and case management tools.

It also allows customer-facing employees, agents, brokers, adjusters, and service organisations with a powerful scan-to-process platform that enables them to automatically:

  • Capture claim-related data from any paper, electronic document or other channel (IE Mobile Capture)
  • Transform data into process-ready information
  • Classify, validate and extract the required information
  • Route content where required to 3rd party apps
  • Initiate the straight-through processing of data and business decisions based on insurance-specific rules and knowledge bases
  • Provide status updates and alerts to claimants, offering a higher degree of communication and responsiveness

By eliminating expensive and error-prone manual data entry, insurance companies can simultaneously reduce claims processing costs and corporate risk.

The ability to monitor, as well as trace information and its’ flow, gives both departmental and executive management insight into the entire claims process. It also ensures compliance with company and industry-specific regulations.

Additionally, by scanning at the front end, the claims processing solution allows insurance carriers to integrate field resources, agents, brokers, and third-party service organisations into the claims process.

This enables insurance companies to: increase data accuracy and quality; close the information gap between disparate departments, processes, and functions; and dramatically enhance information availability throughout the organisation.

Engage Customers Through Mobile Devices

Capture Customer Data Easily

With solutions from Computron and Kofax, it is possible to capture information from the users preferred medium, such as web, e-mail or using their mobile device.

This could involve claim forms, proof of identification, payment information, or in fact any document or multi-media from virtually anywhere.

Information can then be fed “Pre-Validated” directly into your line of business systems giving a huge boost to the entire process by reducing time,  human error and making life easier for the customer.

Kofax Capture Accounts Payable

Why Choose Computron

Computron – The Australian Kofax Partner of Choice

We have one of the best trained solution development and implementation teams in Australia and Asia.

We have attained Kofax Diamond Partner status and not without good reason. We pay attention to detail, work as a dedicated team, and deliver what we promise.

Our professional services team in Australia alone, has a staggering 40+ years experience in managing and providing business process solutions, so you can be assured you are in safe hands.

Other Applications

One Platform Many Solutions

Using a single unfied platform, Computron can help with a wide variety of tasks across your organisation such as :

Accounts Payable Automation

Digital Mailroom Automation

Customer Onboarding

Scanning & Digitising of Historical Case Files & Data

Dynamic Case Management & Workflow Automation