Forms Processing & Forms Recognition Solutions

The processing of forms in large volumes has always been a manpower intensive task that is slow and prone to costly errors. By utilising a professional forms capture and recognition system, entire business processes will benefit from the greatly improved accuracy, speed and overall information quality. There is also a very rapid return on investment that can generally be counted in months rather than years.

At Computron Software we specialise in enterprise strength forms processing solutions across multiple industries utilising best-of-breed software solutions from Kofax such as the Kofax Capture and Transformation Modules.

Functions such as automatic document classification, page separation, data extraction and data validation can readily be leveraged, eliminating the time and manpower usually required to process large volumes of documents.

In addition to paper forms, Computron can also provide Mobile Capture capabilities, allowing customers to scan directly from their mobile devices or smart-phones. Support for e-mailed forms and web based forms is also available to further increase the number of available customer touch points.


Forms Processing Benefits & Features

  • Process all document types, including structured forms, semi-structured documents, and completely unstructured documents
  • Advanced OCR and ICR functionality
  • Automatic document discovery and organisation, classification, document separation and data extraction
  • Validation and verification of exceptions from document classification and data extraction using thin-client technology
  • Fuzzy database lookup support for keywords & phrases
  • Table and P.O. line item extraction and matching
  • Design-time and production-time learning of document types and extracted fields for easier configuration
  • Training conflict management and bench-marking
  • Specialised extraction for hand print, cursive and checks
  • Multiple language support for data extraction and operator user interfaces
  • Pre-built knowledge bases for invoice processing, mortgage processing, and medical records processing 
  • Powerful capabilities can also be provided to clean up scanned forms (de-speckle, de-skew, contrast enhancement, hole punch removal etc) using Virtual Re-Scan (VRS) technology.

Why Choose Computron

Computron – The Australian Kofax Partner of Choice

We have one of the best trained solution development and implementation teams in Australia and Asia.

We have attained Kofax Diamond Partner status and not without good reason. We pay attention to detail, work as a dedicated team, and deliver what we promise.

Our professional services team in Australia alone, has a staggering 40+ years experience in managing and providing business process solutions, so you can be assured you are in safe hands.